Sejarah Pendidikan Islam dari Klasik, Pertengahan, dan Modern


  • Juwari Juwari STAI Darul Ulum


Pendidikan Islam, Klasik, Pertengahan, Modern


The history of Islamic education is a description of the development and growth of Islamic education, both in terms of concepts, ideas, institutions, and operations from the time of the Prophet Muhammad until today. The writing of this article uses descriptive analysis, examines reading books, and then concludes the results. The results obtained are that the history of classical Islamic education began in the period of the Prophet Muhammad saw., Islamic education is growing rapidly in both educators, materials, methods, models, and places of education because of the growing Islamic region. In the middle period, Islamic education was weak in the field of education when compared to the progress of education in Europe. Education only focuses on religious knowledge, not on general science. Islamic education began to rise and liberate the country from colonialism in the modern period. Islamic reform began to rise through the Islamization of modern secular science, formulating Islamic education oriented to the source of pure Islamic teachings and educational renewal oriented to nationalism.