Analysis of the Basic Concepts of the Ministry of Education and Culture's 2022 Sekolah Penggerak Program


  • Ishom Fuadi Fikri STAI Darul Ulum Banyuwangi
  • Muhammad Shabibur Rahmat STAI Darul Ulum Banyuwangi
  • Arif Abdur Rahman STAI Darul Ulum Banyuwangi


Education is one of the most important elements in efforts to advance the welfare of
the nation. The efforts made by the government in fostering human beings have been
proven by the success of education so far. Along with the times, education (schools)
are required to have a lot of innovation and creativity in developing themselves. The
demands of this era are increasingly complex with the rapid advancement of the
world's digital world. To answer that demand. The Minister of Education and
Culture (Kemendikbud) launched the driving school program. Self-driving schools
are schools that focus on developing student learning outcomes holistically by
realizing the Pancasila Student Profile which includes cognitive (literacy and
numeracy) and non-cognitive (character) competencies that begin with superior
human resources (principals and teachers). The school principal and teachers from
the driving school carried out the impact on other education units. The conclusion
of the Basic Concept Analysis Article of the Mobilization School Program includes:
1) Consultative and Asymmetric Assistance. 2) Strengthening School Human
Resources. 3) Learning With New Paradikma. 3) Program-based planning. 5)
Digitalization of Schools.