Resiliensi Sekolah di Masa Pandemi Covid-19

Studi Kasus Metode Pembelajaran di SMK Puspa Bangsa Cluring Banyuwangi


  • Hadiqoh Asmuni STIB Banyuwangi
  • Agus Sultoni STIB Banyuwangi


Resiliensi, Pandemi Covid-19, Metode Pembelajaran


The Covid-19 pandemic presents various problems that were never imagined before. School closures it has caused the failure of the learning process, among others, due to limited tools/devices, internet network and learning applications/media, teacher and student readiness, inadequate teacher-student interaction related to learning materials, as well as various assignments that do not take into account the condition of students. Because during this pandemic, students are required to stay at home indefinitely. Resilience as a bulwark of self-defense to survive the current global pandemic conditions needs to be improved. The form of resilience that Puspa Bangsa Vocational School has carried out is by making changes that occur in several aspects, such as learning methods that are carried out using blended learning and system improvements adapted to the current situation. Puspa Bangsa Vocational School conducts consultations as a form of resilience related to students' psychological health. It carries out parenting activities accompanied by psychologists by focusing on three things: knowing yourself, setting targets, and managing yourself. This is done to prioritize the health and safety of students. With resilience, Puspa Bangsa Vocational School students can continue to survive, rise, and adapt to difficult and stressful conditions in the academic field.